Salut je demande l'aide de super bon en anglais:j'ai besoins d'écrire un conte de fées de 15 lignes et qui commencent par''Once upon a time'' et qui finit par ''il véquerent heureux jusqu'a la fin des temps''!Je vous en supplie aidez-moi,je pourrais vous aidez en francais!!!!!!

Répondre :

Once upon a time, a prince  who is very proud and refused all brides proposed to her even more beautiful. A day comes an old, he tampers. It turns out that she is a witch who turns into wild horse, not very nice and lame, what a hack. The charm will break the day a girl manage to tame it and ride it. This girl is the one with whom he will marry.

The prince horse wanders everywhere. Failing to be issued and marry it starts looking for a beautiful and rich girl preference. But given his appearance, he is expelled from all the castles where he goes. When he meets a beautiful girl is a girl who does that make lame horses who prefer beautiful palfreys.

One day he is captured by loggers who want to work to collect firewood. In the village where it is brought, it is entrusted to the village head who has a daughter, not very nice, not very ugly. It will take a liking to the poor horse is far indomitable. Because the prince horse refuses to be tamed for short let alone the girl, he does not want to marry ...

Well then adds some adventures that could change his mind the horse Prince. eg it saves a perilous adventure

Finally the horse ok to tame and daughter can ride: he becomes prince and marries the girl and they lived happily until the end of time !

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