21 2011.D14
Indicated it was an exciting place to discover
Cart Tropical Zon
The 200 was awesome. We saw koalas and kangaroos. They were just too cute
see the dangerous animals. It was breakfast time for the crocodiles too.
We were
and went to the arport by bus
Aher that we went to
ne so we
left quickly
At noon, we landed in Sydney, where we rode another bus to the city centre. Finally it was possible to
First we went to the Sydney Aquarium, which was
fantastic and extremely interesting We saw beaut
and scary sharks. After that, we were hungry, so we decided to go to
Darling Harbour to eat and go
Darling Harbour
Sydney Aquarium
The view from Sydney Tower
In the evening, we went to Sydney Tower for the amazing view of Sydney by fight was truly
fabulous! The
atmosphere was magical, and so romantic. We enjoyed the view in the restaurant, where
we had dinner The
food was incredible. A phenomenal last evening
At 10:00 PM, the restaurant closed, and we had to go to the airport. We rode the airport coach to our
terminal, and boarded our plane at
2:00 AM
Our visit to Australia was one of the best moments of my life I We saw the most beautiful beaches, the
cutest animals and had the most unbelievable adventures Los Angeles will never be as exciting as
Australia! We are determined to go back!

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